Dream Big!!

July 22, 2008 sugarshock

They say “if you’re going to dream, dream BIG” So, here are a few more inspirational photos of awesome cakes. I’ve come to realize that cake decorating is an art. Not to dog on the Wal-Mart cake decorators, but any 12 year old could do that stuff. To really be good at this, you have to LOVE cakes and be a pretty a good artist. A whole lot of patience is a DEFINITE plus (Im REALLY working on this :-))

I can do this!!!

I can do this!!!

I have all of the tools necessary for this cake (including the giant cupcake) now I just need to work on that patience factor…

Great Colors!

Great Colors!

I REALLY HATE DORA THE EXPLORER! But I LOVE this cake!! I think I’ll try it minus the cartoon characters!

This one CRACKS me up!!

This one CRACKS me up!!

This picture reminds me of my kitchen right now! Cakes everywhere, icing bags, rolling pin, and mixer all out and covered in buttercream!! The artist who created this cake has serious talent!!

Delusions of Grandeur

Delusions of Grandeur

If I could make anything this awesome, I would die happy!

Pretty colors!

Pretty colors!

I love how everything matches in this photo! Even the placemat and tablecloth!

Okay, enough of other people’s work!! I promise to start trying more on my own tomorrow. I failed at cupcakes today… Actually, failed is a little harsh. The cupcakes themselves were delicious. They were even decorated quite adorably (if I do say so myself). The disaster came when I tried to MOVE the cake pedestal to take a picture. The light was terrible, so I picked up the cake to move it near the windows and the base fell off of the stand and the cupcake fell onto my hand… NOT a happy moment. Then, when I went to take a picture of the wreckage, I still couldnt get a good photo! DOOMED! If only the hubster would buy me the SLR camera I’ve been begging for, these things wouldnt happen!!


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